Robin Thicke Returns With “Forever Mine”

Mike Wass | May 27, 2020 3:41 pm
Robin's 'That's What Love Can Do'
Robin Thicke returns with a romantic track called 'That's What Love Can Do.'

Robin Thicke has been chipping away at his 8th album since at least 2015. Since then, the “Blurred Lines” hitmaker has released a steady stream of soulful tunes including “Morning Sun,” “Testify” and “That’s What Love Can Do.” He now kicks off his 2020 campaign with a dreamy ballad called “Forever Mine,” which showcases his soulful pipes. “I like what you like, you like what I like,” The Masked Singer panelist begins over jazzy jax. “Once in a lifetime, can’t let a love like this pass you by.”

That takes us to the loved-up chorus: “Tell me your secrets and I will tell no lies, I want you to be forever mine.” Why release the song in the middle of a pandemic? “Right now people are more stressed than ever,” Robin explains. “We need patience, we need hope and we need love.” The song is also dedicated to the late Andre Harrell. “‘Forever Mine’ was the last record I finished with Andre, my mentor, executive producer, and Godfather to my son Julian. When you meet the perfect someone, you can’t let them slip away.” Listen below.

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