Alice Chater Stuns With Beautiful “Two Of Us” Video

Mike Wass | May 28, 2020 3:35 pm
Iggy & Alice Unite For 'LOLA'
Iggy Azalea teams up with Alice Chater for a catchy bop called 'LOLA.'

Alice Chater ranks as one of the UK’s breakout pop stars thanks to a series of very good singles (“Thief” and “Tonight”) and a feature on Iggy Azalea’s criminally overlooked “LOLA.” The 27-year-old now takes it to the next level on “Two Of Us,” an emotional mid-tempo moment. “Nobody told me you could get lonely sleeping with the one you love,” she sings on the chorus. “I know you love me, yes, you really love me, sometimes it ain’t enough.” That leads to the bitter sweet conclusion: “It’s not a fairy tale, it’s the two of us.”

What inspired the song? “[It’s] a reality check about a relationship that’s at breaking point,” Alice reveals. “You love the person and they love you too, but you find yourselves falling deeper into a toxic environment that you can no longer pretend is ok. This is that ‘last chance to save the relationship’ song. It’s super personal and was difficult to sing due to the emotions I felt at the time, but I’m really excited to share it with the world.” Watch the stunning video, which was directed by Thom Kerr, below.

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