Ashley Tisdale Returns With Uplifting “Lemons”

Mike Wass | May 30, 2020 3:01 pm
Ashley's 'Love Me & Let Me Go' Video
Ashley Tisdale's comeback continues with electro-pop gem 'Love Me & Let Me Go.'

Ashley Tisdale’s return to the pop scene after a 10-year hiatus was one of the nicest surprises of 2019. She showcased her (underrated) vocals and songwriting nous on Symptoms, demonstrating considerable artistic growth since blessing us with bops like “Crank It Up” and “Hair.” The 34-year-old now takes the next step in her comeback by released a stripped-back, uplifting anthem called “Lemons,” which touches on themes like mental health and general pandemic-inspired inertia.

“Discovering I’ve got lows I never knew, when everything’s a struggle it’s hard to move,” Ashley begins the song over strummed guitar. “They’re paralyzing, but I’m still trying.” By the time she reaches the chorus, the High School Musical legend has decided to take action. “I’ll take these walls and kick them down, take all my problems knock ’em to the ground,” Ashley belts. “Some days I can’t get outta bed, but my mama always said — ‘life gives you lemons you just work it out.'” Listen to the empowering tune below.

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