Julie Bergan Goes “Commando” On New Banger

Mike Wass | June 1, 2020 2:24 pm

After establishing herself as one of the biggest pop stars in Norway, Julie Bergan is ready to take the next step with “Commando.” A fiery club banger about asserting your independence, the 26-year-old’s latest is jam-packed with hooks and attitude. “You think you’re acting like a man, you’re playing dirty,” she begins the song. “You don’t deserve this, we’ll never fall that deep again.” Julie then lays down the rules. “I’m taking charge, going commando,” the breakout star belts. “I won’t waste no tears on old mistakes… tonight I’d rather dance alone.”

What inspired the title? Well, “Commando” is a nickname she picked up in Zanzibar. “I felt like there was so much power in that word,” Julie explains. “The song is about being strong and taking charge of a situation. Sometimes it’s easy to get into situations where people wanna play games with you, and this is the turning point where you take your power back. As a woman it’s very important to me not to be underestimated, so I always love it when a song makes me feel powerful.” Listen to the bop, which will feature on Julie’s upcoming HARD FEELINGS: Ventricle 2 EP, below.

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