Dolly Parton’s Sensational ’70s Outfits

Mike Wass | June 3, 2020 2:53 pm
Dolly's 'When Life Is Good Again'
Dolly Parton drops the uplifting charity single 'When Life Is Good Again.'

Dolly Parton has really stepped up in 2020. The country queen added a bunch of albums to streaming services, started a web series for children called Goodnight With Dolly and donated $1 million to Coronavirus research. However, she wasn’t quite done. The fabulous 74-year-old also recorded an uplifting song called “When Life Is Good Again,” which was inspired by the life lessons Dolly has learned during the COVID-19 crisis while in lockdown. The comforting track immediately shot into the top 10 on iTunes.

To celebrate a true American hero, I thought I would throw together a bunch of Dolly’s best outfits from 1970s. The “Jolene” hitmaker really left her mark on the decade — serving rhinestones, denim, floral dresses, huge hair, bigger boobs and even flares. My favorite era from the ’70s was Disco Dolly. She dabbled in the genre, very successfully, in 1978 — jazzing up clubs with “Baby I’m Burning” and “I Wanna Fall in Love.” The living legend even embraced the over-the-top fashion. Check it out in my gallery up top.

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