Eves Karydas Returns With Relatable Bop “Complicated”

Mike Wass | June 5, 2020 3:15 pm

Eves Karydas has been on my radar since at least 2015 when she went by Eves The Behavior. Since then, the Aussie alt-pop singer has released a steady stream of very good singles and dropped a well-received album called Summerskin in 2018. She now returns with a high-relatable, sing-along bop called “Complicated,” This is essentially about the eternal struggle with adulting. “Always thought when I sleep, was meant to be peaceful,” Eves begins the song. “But my blood’s been running, my teeth fall out in my dreams.”

That takes us to the catchy chorus. “When did everything here get so fucking complicated?” she ponders over Magnus Lidehäll’s perky production. “Used to laugh at nothing, don’t know how I got this jaded.” What inspired the song? “I wrote ‘Complicated’ after having a dream that my teeth were falling out,” Eves reveals. “I was in Stockholm feeling homesick and under a lot of pressure, and then my grandfather passed away.” The 25-year-old hit the studio the very next day and came up with “Complicated.”

“Instead of wallowing in the misery, I wanted instead to throw my hands in the air with exasperation and just laugh,” Eves continues. “Laugh because things were so unbelievably not where I wanted them to be, and sometimes laughing is all you can manage.” Watch the video below.

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