Madonna Attends Black Lives Matter Protest In London

Mike Wass | June 6, 2020 3:19 pm
Madonna & Maluma's 'Bitch I'm Loca'
Madonna should have released 'Bitch I'm Loca' as a single from 'Madame X.'

Madonna is currently in London recovering from knee surgery, but she wasn’t about to let a little immobility get in the way of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The Queen of Pop joined a demonstration in the English capital on crutches, demanding racial equality and police reform. She has also dedicated her Instagram to amplifying black voices, giving activists a bigger platform on which to convey their message. After going viral with an ill-conceived video message featuring her son, it’s nice to see Madame X putting her celebrity to good use.

Of course, Madonna isn’t the only pop star joining protests around the world, but she is the biggest. Her presence lifted the spirits of demonstrators, who rushed to take selfies, and attracted a blitz of media attention. Which can only be a good thing. The more coverage these protests get, the better. The 61-year-old’s recent album, Madame X, is highly political, so it’s nice to see her following through in real life. It should be noted that — as per usual — Madonna is being dragged on social media for not wearing a mask. See pics from the demonstration below.

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