Britney Spears’ Flawless ‘Femme Fatale’ Era: A Gallery

Mike Wass | June 7, 2020 2:20 pm
Britney's 'Mood Ring' Is Here
Britney Spears has finally released 2016's 'Mood Ring' on streaming services.

Femme Fatale stands out as Britney Spears’ last fully-promoted era. The pop icon gave us TV performances, headlined awards shows, toured the world and attended events on a regular basis. She also served hit after hit. From “Hold It Against Me” to “I Wanna Go,” Femme Fatale was stacked. Britney even signed on for a season of The X Factor in 2012, which aired after the last FF single was rolled out. It’s hard to believe now, given her reclusive ways, that the Queen of Instagram ever appeared on our TV sets on a weekly basis.

As good as Glory is (Britney Jean honestly has its moments too), Femme Fatale remains the living legend’s last perfect pop album. Yes, it was jam-packed with hits, but the non-singles are equally great. “Inside Out,” “Trouble For Me,” “Big Fat Bass” and the iconic “He About To Lose Me” still sound incredible. Revisit all the looks, promo opportunities and X Factor outfits in our gallery up top. With any luck, the success of “Mood Ring” will inspire Britney to get back in the studio and slay us all over again.

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