‘365 Days’ Hunk Michele Morrone Has A Hit Single

Mike Wass | June 10, 2020 5:24 pm

Michele Morrone has become a global sensation thanks to a starring role in Netflix’s scandalous 365 Days (or 365 DNI). The Polish film is essentially a knockoff of Fifty Shades Of Grey — only with more sex, more nudity and a luxury yacht. In addition to setting hearts aflutter with his frequently-unclothed acting chops, the Italian hunk is also a budding pop star. Michele released an album called Dark Room on Valentine’s Day (of course, he did) and one of the songs, “Hard For Me,” features in 365 Days — propelling it into the top 40 on iTunes worldwide.

“You keep telling me that I am free to go, but I am addicted to you,” the 29-year-old croons on the power ballad. “When I’m not here, you’re alone.” It turns out that he’s clinging on to a relationship that has largely run its course. However, as a diehard romantic, he refuses to give up. “And I think you should know that I won’t let you go,” he sings on the chorus. “It was like a million times, I am singing a lullaby.” Listen to Michele’s worldwide hit below and watch 365 Days (when you have a little privacy) here.

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