Sara Bareilles Finally Releases “Little Voice”

Mike Wass | June 12, 2020 1:01 pm
Sara Bareilles Rolls Out 'Fire'
Sara teases new LP 'Amidst The Chaos' with a new single called 'Fire.'

Sara Bareilles makes a surprise appearance in this week’s New Music Friday lineup with a song she wrote 16 years ago. “Little Voice” is the theme song of Apple’s similarly-titled TV series (due July 10) and it’s essentially about self-belief. “It’s everything I am and what I’m not, and all I’m tryna be,” the singer/songwriter begins the ballad over tinkling piano keys. “This is the part where I spit it all out and you decide what you think of me.” Are you emotional yet? Well, wait until we get to the chorus.

“It’s just a little voice and if you’re listening,” she belts. “Sometimes a little voice can say the biggest things, it’s just my little voice that I’ve been missing.” All in all, “Little Voice” was thoroughly worth the wait. “I wrote [the song] when I was 24 years old and it has been sitting as a ‘demo’ ever since,” Sara revealed on social media. “I’m so proud to see it as the theme to a new show about finding your voice! Made with love.” Excitingly, the Grammy winner will provide more songs for the soundtrack. Listen below.

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