AJ Mitchell Soars On New Single “Burn”

Mike Wass | June 12, 2020 1:40 pm
AJ Mitchell Interview
We speak to the talented teen about his debut album, visual direction & collabs.

I’ve lost track of how many songs AJ Mitchell has released from his much-anticipated debut album, Skyview (it has to be double digits). But who cares when they’re all good? The 19-year-old joins this week’s New Music Friday lineup with a mid-tempo ballad called “Burn,” which showcases his vocal chops. “I’ll say the words, I just hate that I’m saying ’em first,” the breakout star begins the song. What we had worked, I just can’t watch it get any worse.” He decides to pull the plug on the chorus.

“I’m gonna let it burn, even if it hurts,” AJ belts. “Nothing’s gonna change until we up in flames and someone’s gotta strike the match first.” The talented teenager also revealed why he decided to release the song now. “After witnessing the past few weeks and the events happening across the world, I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate to release anything right now,” he explains. “Though ‘Burn’ wasn’t written about the current events directly, the sentiment of using my voice, my music and my platform to push for change is so important to me.”

Listen to AJ’s latest, very good single below.

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