Azealia Banks Asks Ice Cube For Help Getting Royalties

Mike Wass | June 15, 2020 3:31 pm

Azealia Banks made a surprise reappearance on Twitter this morning (June 15) to seek Ice Cube’s assistance in getting paid. “This is Azealia Banks,” she tweeted to the veteran rapper. “Thanks for this nod to my new single ‘Black Madonna ft Lex Luger’ on all platforms now. Your white manager Jeff Kwatinetz has stolen all of the royalties from my debut album and I was wondering if you could use your influence to get them for me?” The Broke With Expensive Taste artist then explained what happened.

“I worked very hard on that album and Jeff wasn’t the person who paid for its production,” Azealia continued. “Universal did. Jeff purposely released an uncleared record acting as Manager & Label and has screwed me out of millions of dollars.” She then implored Ice Cube to walk the walk, so to speak. “I see you are being very active in this election years Black Lives Matter antics and was hoping my black life and art mattered to you as well and you could get my much deserved royalties to me as soon as possible.”

Give Azealia her cash. The “212” hitmaker is problematic, but Broke With Expensive Taste was a massive serve and she deserves to reap the rewards. See the 29-year-old’s tweet below.

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