Lost Hit: Hilary Duff’s Defiant “One In A Million”

Mike Wass | June 16, 2020 2:51 pm
Flashback: Hilary's 'Sparks'
Hilary Duff's 'Sparks' deserved to be a much, much bigger hit.

After a couple of false starts (justice for “Chasing The Sun” and “All About You”), Hilary Duff’s long-awaited 5th album arrived on this day in 2015. Half a decade has passed and Breathe In. Breathe Out. is still a burst of sugary pop perfection. The original Ex Act gave us glittery bops, club-centric bangers and a little introspection to remind us that she is grown. Unfortunately, the album suffered from a stilted rollout and peculiar single choices. I have no issue with “Sparks,” but it does sound like a Kylie Minogue demo.

The songs that balance the sweetness and organic approach of Hilary’s Metamorphosis era with the swirling synths of Dignity are more my speed. Like “One In A Million.” Co-written by Tove Lo, OZGO and ILYA, this is an unusually adult breakup anthem. She’s not ditching her dude because he’s a cheater. The Oscar-robbed Raise Your Voice actress is simply pissed that he won’t commit. “I know you’ve done nothing wrong, but it only makes it worse,” Hilary admits in a latter verse. “You hurt me more when you don’t care ’bout what you’re about to lose.”

That leads us to a truly memorable chorus. “I’m one in a million,” the pop star declares defiantly over an avalanche of guitar riffs and synths. “You’re going down without me, wishing that you had someone like me.” Revisit the single-worthy tune below. If you’re looking for other slept-on gems from Breathe In. Breathe Out. (stream the album in full here), start with the title track and then move on to “Confetti” and “Lies.” Let’s hope Hilary blesses us with something new before 2025.

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