Annie Drops “American Cars,” Announces Comeback LP ‘Dark Hearts’

Mike Wass | June 20, 2020 2:28 pm

2020 has been a hell-ride for the record books, but every now and again something good happens. Like Kylie Minogue launching a wine range and Annie announcing her first album in 11 years. Yes, the Norwegian pop star fired up her social media accounts to let fans know that she’s rolling out her third LP, Dark Hearts, on October 16. Not only that, but she dropped the lead single — a delightfully dark and mysterious electro-pop anthem called “American Cars.” Which just happens to be inspired by David Cronenberg’s Crash.

“It was 2 pm and the only other people in the cinema were two old men, a mum and her screaming baby, and sixteen-year-old me,” Annie revealed on Instagram. “It was quite a strange experience. The film is about pushing it to the edge. When you’re looking for something dark you don’t necessarily know why you’re doing it. But you’re pushing the boundaries. You can fall, or almost fall, but you climb back.” The song sets the tone for Dark Hearts, which was recorded over a three year period.

“I did a lot of recording while I was pregnant, puking while I was singing,” the “Chewing Gum” hitmaker remembers. “[Producer Stefan Storm] had to go out to buy me licorice, but I still managed to do some quite good vocals.” The result is “the best album I’ve done so far. All the tracks fit so perfectly together.” See the tracklist for Dark Hearts below and listen to the staggering good “American Cars” below. It’s so good to have her back!

Annie’s Dark Hearts tracklist:

1. In Heaven

2. The Streets Where I Belong

3. Dark Hearts

4. Miracle Mile

5. Corridors of Time

6. Forever ’92

7. American Cars

8. Mermaid Dreams

9. Stay Tomorrow

10. The Countdown to the End of the World

11. The Bomb

12. The Untold Story

13. It’s Finally Over

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