New Find: Luz Builds Momentum With “we’ll be fine”

Mike Wass | June 20, 2020 3:16 pm
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Luz’s breakout year continues with “we’ll be fine.” The Irish teenager, who recently went viral with “i’m lonely,” showcases her powerful pipes and razor-sharp pen on the piano ballad. “I wish we could cut all ties with the morning light, because our secret’s in the dark,” she begins the song. “And though I don’t take it to heart, I just need more time.” Luz (pronounced Luce) opts for blind optimism on the chorus. “I wanna know what it’s like, let’s just erase all the downsides,” the newcomer belts. “If not forever then just for tonight… we’ll be fine.”

What inspired the track? “I wrote ‘we’ll be fine’ at a point in my life where all I needed was for someone to tell me that everything would be ok,” Luz reveals in the press release. “As mine and many others’ feelings of uncertainty have resurfaced during this time, it felt only natural to release this as the second single. It has always been a shoulder to me and I hope that it serves a purpose to others in the same way that it has done for me.” Listen to the raw, emotional and very, very good “we’ll be fine” below.

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