Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn Drop ‘The Soundflowers’ EP

Mike Wass | June 23, 2020 12:50 pm
The Soundflowers Are Coming
Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn are The Soundflowers & their debut EP is coming.

Paris Jackson — yes, the daughter of the King of Pop — made headlines last week when she announced her first musical project. The 22-year-old has teamed up with Gabriel Glenn (of rock band TrashDögs) to form a duo called The Soundflowers. Their self-titled debut EP arrives today and it’s an intriguing collection of songs that showcase their songwriting prowess and multitude of influences, which vary from folk to beach reggae. The tone is decidedly melancholy, but that’s an unavoidable byproduct of the subject matter.

“A lot of our music, some of the songs on the EP and some of the songs that have yet to come are about pain,” Paris reveals in the press release. “I’m sure to many it will come off as emo and sad, and that’s okay. But my hope is that it brings comfort to those who feel the way I did when I wrote the songs, especially ‘Geronimo.’ I’d like for the listeners who resonate with the lyrics to know that they are not alone. And that it gets better.” Happily, there is also a sprinkling of semi-upbeat tunes.

The focus single, “Your Look (Glorious),” is a dreamy love song with an emo twist. Produced by Mike Malchicoff (he did the whole EP), this finds the bittersweet spot between indie, folk and pop. The summery “In The Blue” is another mood-lifting experiment. All in all, The Soundflowers make a winning first impression. “It feels good to know that people will hear our music and see me as I am,” Paris days of the release. “This is the first opportunity I’ve been able to share my journey in my own way.” Get acquainted with the duo below.

The Soundflowers’ debut EP:

Watch the “Your Look (Glorious)” lyric video:

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