JoJo Rolls Out Stunning “Small Things” Video

Mike Wass | June 23, 2020 2:38 pm
Album Review: JoJo's 'Good To Know'
We review JoJo's soulful, raw and brutally honest 'Good To Know' LP.

JoJo’s good to know stands out as one of 2020’s best R&B albums — in part due to songs like “Small Things.” A brutally honest ballad about struggling with a breakup, this is a throwback to the kind of raw, unfiltered music of different age. “Heard your name just as I was heading home the other day,” the 29-year-old begins. “And I swear, I couldn’t even sit up straight.” She continues to let it all out on the chorus. “I’m getting good at holding it in,” JoJo belts. “All my emotions, all my feelings.”

“But the more that I fight them, the bigger they seem,” the enduring hitmaker adds. “What really kills me is all the small things.” It’s an emotional gut punch that adds another dimension to JoJo’s 4th album. Which makes the arrival of a glamorous, seemingly big-budget video a cause for celebration. Not only will the song reach a much bigger audience, but we also get to see the vocalist serve multiple looks, body and face. There’s even a little choreography from dancers in empty bathtubs. Check it out below.

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