Natasha Bedingfield Drops Upbeat Bop “Together In This”

Mike Wass | June 26, 2020 1:20 pm
Natasha Bedingfield Interview
The pop star opens up about her comeback album, 'Roll With Me.'

Natasha Bendingfield makes a surprise appearance in this week’s New Music Friday lineup with an uplifting new single called “Together In This.” Taken from The Jungle Beat soundtrack (the animated film is now available to stream), the bubbly bop promotes unity. “Walking through the shadows, out here in the night,” the UK pop star begins the song. “Just need some hope for tomorrow, we will be fine.” She then shares an important message on the chorus. “We are together, together in this,” Natasha belts. “Together is strong and never alone.”

What inspired the “Unwritten” hitmaker to get involved in the project? “As a mother, I love being a part of a movie that will captivate my son with its positive messages about unity and friendship that the whole family can appreciate,” she reveals. “I feel so much joy singing a song that promotes togetherness during this challenging time. It really tapped into the joy that my son gives me, and I hope it brings joy to other families as well.” Watch the cute video, which features cameos from the song’s writer Jonas Myrin and digital creator Anastasia Radzinskaya, below.

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