Carlie Hanson Drops Hard-Hitting “Stealing All My Friends”

Mike Wass | June 26, 2020 3:08 pm
Carlie Hanson Is Back With 'Daze Inn'
The rising pop star relaunches for 2020 with the dreamy 'Daze Inn.'

Carlie Hanson already has one of the better pop songs of 2020 under her belt with “Daze Inn,” but she soars even higher on “Stealing All My Friends.” The 20-year-old’s latest is essentially about losing friends and heroes to drug addiction. “I’ve seen snow in August take our summer hostage, but we loved it every time,” the breakout star begins the song. “Put in life out on the line, beautiful and nauseous laughing from exhaustion and I couldn’t help but cry.” That takes us to the simple, haunting chorus: “Drugs keep stealing all my friends.”

What inspired the song? “Since the passing of two of my favorite artists, Lil Peep and Mac Miller, I have wanted to write a tribute song to the both of them,” Carlie reveals. “When I first sat down to actually write ‘Stealing All My Friends,’ it became something bigger, deeper, and more personal. We all have somebody in our lives who has struggled with or been affected by drug addiction in some way. Some are strong enough to overcome it and some unfortunately, are not… it is real and something that I felt needed to be talked about.”

Watch Carlie’s gritty “Stealing All My Friends” video below.

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