New Find: Mothica Goes Viral With “VICES”

Mike Wass | June 27, 2020 2:42 pm

TikTok has done more to launch careers over the last year than any record label. The latest artist to go viral on the app is Mothica. She shared a snippet of a then-unreleased song called “VICES” and fate stepped in. “I shared a video of me crying in my car listening to the master of this song for the first time on TikTok,” the 25-year-old explains. “It has over 3 million plays. People from all over the world encouraged me to release it. I rushed to get it out a month early.”

It was well worth the hustle. “VICES” has been surging up the iTunes chart for the last couple of days and is currently sitting just outside the top 10. Which is an incredible achievement for an indie-pop artist. One of the reasons why “VICES” is going viral is the authenticity of its message. “I wrote this song two months into getting sober,” McKenzie Ellis (her real name) reveals. “It’s about the chaos that followed and how quickly I replaced drinking with Tinder, dating, hookups, Hinge, Bumble, binge eating, ice cream, soda, candy, purging, shopping, crying, smoking, caffeine.”

That need for escape, no matter the cost, is captured on the punchy chorus. “If it’s not drugs it’s drinks, if it’s not drinks its things,” the New York-based newcomer sings. “If it’s not things it’s people, places I don’t want to be.” Learn Mothica’s story by watching the lyric video for “VICES” below. She is definitely One To Watch in 2020.

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