Future Hit: Everybody Loves An Outlaw’s “I See Red”

Mike Wass | June 29, 2020 1:41 pm
Future Hit: Surfaces' 'Sunday Best'
Texas duo Surfaces have a smash hit on their hands with 'Sunday Best.'

Who could have guessed that a Polish soft porn film would have the most influential soundtrack of 2020? After unexpectedly conquering Netflix, 365 DNI started to work its magic on Spotify. The film’s frequently-nude star Michele Morrone’s album (yes, he’s a man of many talents) received a lot of attention and “Hard For Me” (a ballad featured in 365 DNI) went viral around the world. However, another song from the soundtrack is shaping up to be even bigger. And that’s Everybody Loves An Outlaw’s rowdy revenge anthem, “I See Red.”

Interestingly, “I See Red” is two years old. Everybody Loves An Outlaw, married couple Bonnie and Taylor Sims, released the song on their debut EP in 2018. It took a while to click, but the song is now making up for lost time. Essentially about the explosion of crazy that rushes through your brain when you’ve been cheated on, “I See Red” is delightfully unhinged. “Did you really think, I’d just forgive and forget,” Bonnie begins the musical fuck-you. “After catching you with her, your blood should run cold.”

It turns out, our anti-heroine has murder on the mind. “Did you really just say she didn’t mean anything, I’ll remember those words when I come for your soul,” the Everybody Loves An Outlaw singer belts. “I see red… a gun to your head.” Well, they are from Texas. Listen to the duo’s streaming hit (20 million cumulative streams and rising fast) below. Don’t be too surprised to hear this on the radio in the weeks and months to come.

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