Katie Melua Returns With “A Love Like That,” Announces 8th LP

Mike Wass | June 30, 2020 1:34 pm

Well, this is a treat! Katie Melua returns to the music fold after an extended hiatus with a brooding, cinematic anthem called “A Love Like That.” This isn’t your standard pop song. The 35-year-old has always elevated her material with lashings of jazz and classical music, and “A Love Like That” is no exception. (I’m willing to bet that this is the only dreamy bop featuring The Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra released this year). As gorgeous as Leo Abrahams’ production is, the star — as ever — is Katie’s beautiful voice.

“This song is asking the essential timeless question about mad love, ‘How do you make a love like that last?'” she reveals in the press release. “But before it became about love between a couple, it started its life centered on my relationship with work and the stamina required to keep being an artist in the music industry.” The “Nine Million Bicycles” singer then explains that “A Love Like That” sets the tone for her forthcoming LP, the pragmatically-titled Album No. 8. (It drops October 16 and is already available to pre-order here).

“[It] continues a narrative that is across the new album,” Katie says of “A Love Like That.” “And in the context of love – it is about having the courage to speak openly and freely.” Over the last twenty or so years, the Brit has released some of the loveliest pop songs ever recorded. (Her exquisite cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” and “No Fear Of Heights,” for starters). Which makes the imminent arrival of Album No. 8 cause for celebration. See the full tracklist and watch the striking, Charlie Lightening-directed video of “A Love Like That below.

Katie’s Album No. 8 tracklist:

1. A Love Like That

2. English Manner

3. Leaving The Mountain

4. Joy

5. Voices In the Night

6. Maybe I Dreamt It

7. Heading Home

8. Your Longing Is Gone

9. Airtime

10. Remind Me To Forget

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