Britney Spears’ “Get Back” Deserves The “Mood Ring” Treatment

Mike Wass | June 30, 2020 4:04 pm
Britney's 'Mood Ring' Is Here
Britney Spears has finally released 2016's 'Mood Ring' on streaming services.

One of the nicest things to happen in 2020 (yes, there have been a couple of not-entirely-horrible moments) is the belated success of Britney Spears’ “Mood Ring.” Glory’s Japanese bonus track reached number one on iTunes and even got a Pride-friendly remix package. That got me thinking about another immaculate Britney bonus track — “Get Back” from 2007’s seminal Blackout. Produced by Danja and Jim Beanz, “Get Back” is a rhythmic club banger of the highest caliber that would have conquered the charts in the late ’00s.

Incredibly, the song still sounds fresh today. The production has stood the test of time and the then-unusual construction (there’s a vocal drop instead of a traditional pop chorus) is now the norm. “Oh no, here we go, catch me if you can don’t move too slow,” Britney begins the banger over bone-rattling beats. “I’m on another level, Can you feel my flow?” Our heroine makes her move on the pre-chorus. “You’re standing on the wall, what you come here for?” she purrs to an onlooker. “You’re gonna feel the heat, dancing next to me.”

That takes us to the economic, but startlingly effective chorus: “If you can’t take it then get back.” I remember reading that “Get Back” was in the mix to be the lead single at one point, but that could just be fan folklore. “Gimme More” was obviously the right choice, but it is curious that a tune this good was relegated to bonus track status. Perhaps it’s time for Britney to release an album of b-sides, bonus tracks and rarities like Kylie Minogue’s Hits+? She has more than enough good material. Revisit “Get Back” below.

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