Songwriter Amy Allen Drops Debut Single “Queen Of Silver Linings”

Mike Wass | July 1, 2020 12:47 pm

After penning hits for Harry Styles, Halsey and Selena Gomez (“Adore You,” “Without Me” and “Back To You”), Amy Allen launches her artist project with a brutally honest, stripped-back single called “Queen Of Silver Linings.” A love song of sorts, the songwriter’s major-label debut is essentially about the grey area between hope and dysfunction. “Keep talking and I’ll find a way to forgive you, see you in the light I wish to like — I always do,” she begins the song. “Keep crying and I’ll find a way to make it my bad, never mind you going behind my back.”

That takes us to the bittersweet chorus. “Call me the Queen of Silver Linings and you can be King of Good Intentions,” Amy sings over Dan Wilson’s bare-bones production. “No matter what you do, no matter what you say — I’ll always find a way to love you.” It’s a startlingly confident debut from one of the industry’s best-kept (until now) secrets. What inspired the song? “[Dan] and I wrote ‘Queen Of Silver Linings’ about an emotional experience I was going through,” she explains in the press release.

“We thought of two characters – the Queen of Silver Linings, who holds onto love at all costs and wants to fix things, even if it’s not in her best interests to do so – and the King of Good Intentions, who means well but continues to let her down,” Amy continues. “As a Queen of Silver Linings myself, I realized that the message isn’t one of hopelessness – I believe there’s quite a power in having the guts to shamelessly fight for something you whole heartedly believe in.” Watch the suitably-forlorn, animated video below.

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