Koe Wetzel Makes Major-Label Debut With “Sundy Or Mundy”

Mike Wass | July 2, 2020 1:59 pm

After building a rabid following as an independent artist (he threw his own music festival in 2019), Koe Wetzel inked a deal with Columbia Records. “Sundy Or Mundy” is the 27-year-old’s first release as a major-label artist and it’s a perfect introduction to his anything-goes approach to genre, which falls somewhere between rock, hip-hop and country. “You don’t like anything, you sit and laugh at every word I say,” he begins the song over crashing guitars. “Fuck your funny games, it’s rainy outside and I’m too tired to play.”

That takes us to the simple yet effective chorus: “Is it Sunday or is it Monday?” the Texas native ponders. “Who knows.” What inspired the song? “It’s about losing your mind,” Koe reveals in the press release. “When you’re sitting there in the studio, you can forget what day it is. It was written from the same perspective. You get delirious and numb to the whole situation. It’s got a gritty and heavy sound, but the choruses go down smooth and steady.” Watch the outrageous video, which finds our hero disposing bodies in a swamp, below.

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