New Find: Abby Sage Soars On “18 Years”

Mike Wass | July 2, 2020 3:02 pm

Abby Sage first appeared on my radar earlier this year with “Holy Water,” a sophisticated indie-pop anthem that ranks as one of the year’s best debut singles. The Toronto-born, Bay Area-raised newcomer now follows it up with the equally great “18 Years.” Which is a very different kind of love song. “I will always love you, just wait 18 years,” she sings on the chorus over gently strummed guitar. “You don’t have to hold me now, but I hope someday you do just like the summertime in June.”

“[It’s] an important story that I’ve been attempting to tell the right way for a while now,” the 22-year-old explains in the press release. “For me, ’18 years’ represents both a solidified age and an estimated measure of time. I fell in love at the age of 18 but I needed 18 more years to understand it. I needed 18 more years to figure out what that meant for me… having that one fleeting love that you hold onto, make excuses for, and keep in your mind as that ‘maybe someday’ person is such a universal human experience.”

Listen to Abby’s heartfelt and deeply relatable “18 Years” below. She is definitely One To Watch in 2020.

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