Maisie Peters’ “Sad Girl Summer” Is A Serious Mood

Mike Wass | July 2, 2020 3:25 pm
Maisie Peters Drops 'The List'
The Brit builds momentum with an instantly catchy new single called 'The List.'

Maisie Peters already ranks as one of 2020’s breakout stars thanks to “Smile,” which featured on Birds Of Prey: The Album, and “The List.” She now ups the ante even further with an irresistible toe-tapper called “Sad Girl Summer.” Just don’t be deceived by the title. The Brit’s latest is actually an upbeat anthem. “One of us was married to an ex marine with a blonde down the block,” the 19-year-old begins the song. “He said ‘commitment’s scary,’ then he left her alone with a house and a dog.”

That’s when Maisie and her friends step in to brighten the (soon-to-be) divorcée’s mood. “It’s another sad girl summer, flowers on the side of the road,” Maisie sings on the catchy chorus. “Traveling beside each other, no one has to dance on their own.” She then doles out some good advice. (Seriously, take notes). “Take my hand and lose his number, you don’t have to have another sad girl summer,” the talented teenager promises. “Raise your glass let it go.” Check out the cute, friendship-themed video below.

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