Skylar Grey Rolls Out Summery Single “Sunscreen”

Mike Wass | July 3, 2020 2:10 pm
Interview: Skylar Talks 'Angel With Tattoos'
We speak to Sklyar Grey about 'Angel With Tattoos' and new collabs.

Skylar Grey can do it all. When she’s not penning hip-hop hits for Eminem or club bangers for Zedd, the singer/songwriter is tinkering away at her own music. Which is just as eclectic. Last year, the 34-year-old dropped a stripped-back, folky project called Angel With Tattoos. This year, however, she has ventured into racy R&B on songs like “Dark Thoughts.” She now blesses us with a summery, feel-good bop called “Sunscreen” — complete with holiday-appropriate lyrics.

“It’s the Fourth of July, I can make your fireworks fly,” Skylar begins the song. “Every color up in the sky, it’s not only red, white and blue now.” If there was any doubt about the way our heroine wants to spend the long weekend, they vanish by the time we reach the chorus. “My sunscreen is dripping, dripping down my legs,” see coos over sexy guitars. “And my ice cream is melting, it’s getting all over the place.” You can see where this is going right? Listen to Skylar’s catchy new tune below.

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