Future Islands Return With Nostalgic Synth-Pop Anthem “For Sure”

Mike Wass | July 8, 2020 2:17 pm
Future Islands Is Back
Future Islands return with a soaring synth-pop anthem called 'Ran.'

Maybe we can have nice things in 2020 after all. Future Islands is back with their first new single in three years and it’s a nostalgic, synth-pop anthem of the highest caliber. Just don’t be deceived by those melancholy synths. At its core, “For Sure” is a wildly romantic love song. “Hot as the day, when we sat on stones,” frontman Samuel T. Herring sings in his unmistakeable baritone. “Watching the fish, run under our feet and flow.” If that isn’t poetic enough, Sam continues to paint idyllic imagery in the following verse.

“And dove from the rocks, scraping my knees and toes,” he croons over ’80s-evoking production. “And blood, with me, rose, slow from the sea and you were waiting for me.” That takes us to the de facto chorus (there is a refreshing looseness to the song’s construction). “I will never keep you from an open door,” the singer promises. “I know, you know.” With any luck, Future Islands’ sixth album isn’t too far away. Watch the oddly beautiful video for “For Sure,” which was directed by Sam Mason and depicts cars racing through a post-apocalyptic landscape, below.

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