James Bay Returns With Upbeat “Chew On My Heart”

Mike Wass | July 9, 2020 1:48 pm
James Bay's 'Pink Lemonade' Video
The rocker's 'Electric Light' era continues to surprise with an arty new video.

James Bay returns with an upbeat, sing-along anthem called “Chew On My Heart.” The first taste of the UK singer/songwriter’s third LP is essentially a love letter to his girlfriend of 13 years. “Take your time, I’ll be right here,” he begins the song over Dave Cobb’s rich, organic production. “I know no one could ever love me better.” James continues to open his heart on the chorus. “You’re burning up my mind, what would it feel like if you tore me apart?” he croons. “Come on, chew on my heart.”

“Chew On My Heart” is a good indication of what’s to come on JB3. “With the new music, I’ve been able to distill everything into lean songwriting,” the 29-year-old explains. “I’m drawing from what I’ve done, but I’m refining everything. In the past, I had often written from a place of sadness. During this process, I really zeroed in on what’s positive and great in my life. The lyrics really reflect that positivity. It’s a different season for me.” Listen to the loved-up, instantly catchy tune below.

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