JoJo Drops Acoustic Version Of ‘good to know’ Album

Mike Wass | July 10, 2020 3:33 pm
Album Review: JoJo's 'Good To Know'
We review JoJo's soulful, raw and brutally honest 'Good To Know' LP.

Well, here’s an unexpected treat! JoJo has released an acoustic version of her good to know album. As much as I love the soulful production of the original, stripping the songs back to basics really highlights the range and power of the 29-year-old’s voice. Not only that, but it allows you to fully soak up the lyrics and follow the emotional journey of self discovery and recovery that takes place over the course of the album’s nine-song tracklist. As such, it’s an essential companion piece to JJ4.

If you still need a little convincing, check out the just-released acoustic video for “Think About You.” Arguably the rawest song on the album, this gut-wrenching tune is about the lure of forgiveness — even if it costs you your dignity. “All my friends keep tellin’ me, I just need to fuck someone new,” JoJo sings to an ex-boyfriend she wronged. “Whenever I, ever I do, I’m gonna, I’m gonna think of you.” Ouch. You can stream good to know (Acoustic) in full and check out the “Think About You” visual below.

Listen to the acoustic album:

Watch JoJo’s “Think About You (Acoustic)” video:

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