New Find: mehro’s Breakout Year Continues With “Hideous”

Mike Wass | July 11, 2020 2:01 pm
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EDIT: The post has been updated with Mehro’s striking “Hideous” video. Check it out below.

After releasing one of the better debut singles of 2020 with “Perfume,” LA-based singer/songwriter mehro returns with an equally understated gem called “Hideous.” A breakout anthem of sorts, the newcomer’s latest is essentially about the wave of self-loathing accompanies the end of a relationship. “Does it seem too hard? Does it seem alright to keep in touch?” he ponders morosely on an early verse over strummed guitar. “When was the last time? We spoke at all now tell me baby.”

mehro continues to slide into darkness as we approach the chorus. “Can’t you look at me, am I that hideous to you?” the breakout star wonders. “Can’t you talk to me? Do I really mean nothing to you?” All in all, it’s another expertly-constructed, emotionally-resonant track from an artist with enormous potential. “When I wrote this song I was in dark place,” mehro explains. “When I closed my eyes, my thoughts were ones of self hatred, when I looked in the mirror I saw a monster.” Listen below.

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