Good Girl Shakes Up New Music Friday With “Thirsty”

Mike Wass | July 11, 2020 3:03 pm

If you miss the days when R&B girl groups ruled the charts, you’re going to love Good Girl. The quartet, which is comprised of Arielle, Bobbie, JL and Megan, has been on their grind for a few years. They recently inked a major label deal with RCA and now have access to the game’s hottest producers. Like Kosine (one of Da Internz), who shapes “Thirsty” into a radio-ready banger. “You got me chop, boy you stupid if you think you finna pop it,” Megan sings on her verse. “All that goofy shit you’re doing, n***a stop.”

JL is similarly unimpressed. “Boy you hype and I don’t blame you, I’m the baddest in the game,” she admits. “All real, nothing fake about me. The ladies of Good Girl then come together for the fiery chorus: “Bitch these n****s so thirsty, never f**k a sucker n***a in my life.” Throw in a verse from rapper Mulatto, and you have a potential hit. What drives the group? “We’re really big on confidence and being true to yourself — girl power, black girl magic,” Bobbie reveals. “We want everyone to be able to relate to our music, and for it to be timeless as well.”

Watch Good Girl’s Only Fans-inspired “Thirsty” video below.

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