Anna Sofia’s Breakout Year Continues With “Happy For You”

Mike Wass | July 13, 2020 3:11 pm
New Find: Anna Sofia's 'No Fun'
Anna Sofia continues to impress with the wonderfully grumpy 'No Fun.'

Anna Sofia ranks as one of 2020’s most exciting newcomers thanks to her amazingly-titled Self Aware Bitch EP and viral hits like “No Fun” and “Meaner Girl.” The Canadian teenager keeps her foot on the gas with a summery single called “Happy For You,” which is actually about being thoroughly miserable. “I really hate the way you’re still on my mind and I know she hates it too,” Anna begins the song over hazy guitars. “She tells me bout the times that you made her smile and I’m wishing I’d been there.”

She continues to grumble on the catchy chorus. “You talk about her like she’s everything and I guess that makes me fuck all,” the breakout star sings over Frank Dukes’ surf-pop production. “And I know I don’t show it very well, but hey I’m happy for you.” What inspired the song? “I wrote [it] when I had first found out that the guy I really liked, and had a huge crush on, got a new girlfriend. I was pretty upset about it, so I wrote ‘Happy For You’ to be kinda sarcastic and express the fact that I’m not actually happy for him or her at all.”

Listen to Anna’s intensely relatable anthem below.

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