Katy Perry Clowns Around In “Smile” Performance Video

Mike Wass | July 14, 2020 1:06 pm
Katy Perry Reveals 'Smile' Cover
'KP5' finally has a cover and official title! Katy Perry's fifth album is 'Smile.'

Katy Perry is really embracing her inner clown this era. From the cover of Smile to the performance video of the title track, the very-pregnant pop star is giving Ronald McDonald & Co. a run for their money. The latter dropped this morning (July 14) and it is an explosion of color, corny gags and cute set-ups. In other words, the visual is quintessentially Katy… and, apart from the terrifying finale, utterly adorable. Most importantly, the clip has a very, very good soundtrack.

As much as I love “Daisies” (and I love it a lot), “Smile” is punchier and more on trend with top 40 radio. Time will tell if the bop finds an audience, but it has the kind of chorus that gets stuck in your head from the first listen. Moreover, it’s one of the few genuinely feel-good songs to emerge in 2020. It’s almost impossible to be a grump while Katy is singing about her blessings over toe-tapping beats. Check out the hitmaker’s clown-themed performance video below and pre-order Smile here.

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