Breakout Star renforshort Is Back With “f*ck, i luv my friends”

Mike Wass | July 15, 2020 2:28 pm
New Find: ren's grungy 'idc'
The Canadian teen continues to impress with the grungy 'idc.'

18-year-old renforshort is part of the new wave of Canadian pop acts emerging in 2020 alongside Anna Sofia and Abby Sage. However, her sound is a little rougher around the edges, occasionally veering into grunge and punk. The newcomer already has one of the year’s better EPs under her belt with teenage angst, but the Toronto teen already has a new single called “fuck, i luv my friends.” Produced by Jeff Hazin and Pearl Lion, ren’s latest is a rush of jangly guitars and pop hooks.

“We laugh ’til we cry, drink way too much,” she begins the song. “Stay up and waste time, ’til the sun comes up.” That takes us to the sing-along chorus. “Fuck I love my friends, without them I’d be dead,” ren sings on the summery anthem. “I know they’re the only ones who’ll love me ’til the end.” What inspired the song? “I chose to give the song this name because I think it’s a common sentiment especially during these times when it’s harder to see your friends,” the breakout star explains. Listen below.

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