Premiere: Troi Irons’ Raw, Unfiltered “Am I Happening”

Mike Wass | July 16, 2020 12:00 pm

LA-based indie-pop/rock artist (she combines elements of both) Troi Irons generated significant buzz earlier this year with “Flowers,” and now follows it up with another gem called “Am I Happening.” The track is about trying to fill the void with anything — or anyone. “I got a high-powered sex drive and I know how to use it, but no one to cruise with,” she begins over a dreamy, acoustic arrangement. “I started losing when I started choosing, any passerby to drive me out of my mind.”

That takes us to the unfiltered chorus. “Am I even happening? Did I ever happen?” Troi ponders. “Am I even happening if no one hears me fall?” It turns out, the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. “‘Am I Happening’ is about my toxic tendency to use fleeting relationships to fill the hole in my heart,” the breakout star explains. “Did I ever really give anything if I needed to be needed? Sometimes I feel I don’t exist if no one is looking at me. I’m trying really hard to exist on my own.”

“The silence of these days has been pretty difficult but it’s brought me right into the center of my issues,” she adds. “For that I’m thankful.” We’re very excited to premiere Troi’s raw and relatable “Am I Happening” below.

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