Zedd & Jasmine Thompson Team Up For “Funny”

Mike Wass | July 16, 2020 12:39 pm
Katy Perry & Zedd's '365' Video
Love and robots don't mix in Katy & Zedd's blockbuster '365' video.

After an unusually quiet start to the year, Zedd springs back to life with “Funny” — a bittersweet banger featuring Jasmine Thompson. “The curtains are closed now, nothin’ to see,” the 19-year-old Brit begins the song. “But a dozen dying roses at our feet.” The thing is, her ex is still lingering like a bad smell. “It’s funny how you miss me, more than you could ever love me,” she belts on the sing-along chorus. “How you couldn’t give me everything and now you want it from me.” The track is catchy, relatable and sounds very much like a hit.

“When I first heard Jasmine’s voice on this song, I was blown away by it and knew I wanted to work with her,” Zedd reveals in the press release. “There’s so much emotion and energy in this song and Jasmine’s voice captures it perfectly.” His collaborator then explains what inspired the song. “After a relationship people always seem to come back and want to try again and pay you more attention and say they miss you,” the singer says. “I had been through a relationship that wasn’t working and as soon as we ended it, they wanted to spend more time with me.”

As for working with one of EDM’s biggest producers? “Collaborating with Zedd was an amazing experience — his approach was unique, gave the song an incredible energy, and really brought it to life,” Jasmine raves. Check out the cute (audio) video, which features a surprise cameo from Lewis Capaldi, below.

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