Kiiara Bounces Back With A Bop Called “I Still Do”

Mike Wass | July 17, 2020 12:09 am
Kiiara's 'Open My Mouth'
The alt-pop star returns with a new single called 'Open My Mouth.'

Kiiara has been rolling out bops since breaking bop with “Gold” in 2015. Since then, she has experimented wildly with genre — dabbling in everything from electronica to hip-hop and rock. (Never forget her Linkin Park collaboration). The 25-year-old really found her sound last year, however, with a pair of dance-pop gems. Kiiara now picks up where she left off with “I Still Do,” a sing-along anthem about admitting that you want to make the same, old mistakes all over again.

“I’ve been lookin’ through your pictures, but I had to check ’em through my friend’s phone,” she begins the song. “I’m reminded I don’t miss you, yeah since you blocked me two years ago.” Just when you think Kiiara has moved on, the pop star succumbs to her self-destructive streak. “Big plans, you ain’t goin’ nowhere / Oh damn, I swore I wouldn’t go there,” the hitmaker sings on the catchy chorus. “How did I ever love you? Tell me how come, how come I still do?” Listen to the future hit below.

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