Silver Sphere Makes Major-Label Debut With “crowd”

Mike Wass | July 22, 2020 2:45 pm

Silver Sphere is not your average pop star. For starters, she’s an extraterrestrial — but more about that later. The 20-year-old (in earth years) generated all kinds of buzz with her yikes! EP and caught the attention of RCA Records. The breakout star now makes major-label debut with a lovely post-breakup anthem called “crowd,” which is essentially about contemplating a reunion with your ex against your better judgement. “There were nights in July, when everything went fine,” Silver Sphere begins the song. “And I still drove home, trying not to cry.”

She is on the brink of caving in by the chorus. “But there’s something ’bout the way you’re lookin’ now, telling me that I should let it go somehow,” the intergalactic chanteuse ponders. “You asked if it’s been on my mind all summer and if I said no, then I’d be lying — I looked for you in every single crowd.” Now back to the whole alien thing. “I am Silver Sphere, a pop star from another planet: The Silvershere,” she introduces herself in statement to new fans.

“A few years back I found the portal to planet earth and was so captivated by it that I decided to stay and write about my experiences with love on this new planet.” I bet she’s regretting that decision in 2020. Check out the visualizer for “crowd” below. It’s the very, very good lead single from Silver Sphere’s forthcoming all my boyfriends EP, which is due in the fall.

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