LP Is Back With New Single “The One That You Love”

Mike Wass | July 23, 2020 3:39 pm

LP has been unstoppable since landing a global smash with “Lost On You” in 2015. Since then, the singer/songwriter has released two very good albums and amassed a loyal fan base around the world. She returns to the music today with a (kind of) love song called “The One That You Love.” This isn’t really a breakup anthem, but the writing is on the wall. “Now that you’ve got what you wanted, now that you’ve got what you need,” LP sings over Mike Del Rio’s dramatic production. “Girl if we’re gonna be honest, honestly what’s left for me.”

That takes us to the soaring chorus. “Try to be your home and the place that you come to, babe I took the whole world and put it in your hands,” Laura Pergolizzi (her full name) belts with raw emotion. “I’m really trying hard but I don’t understand… how to be the one that you love.” How did the song come about? “I allowed myself to conjure up all of the genres I love and just let it rip, wild-style, as usual,” she reveals. “The melody flew out as if already written — all my favorite songs I’ve written have been like this.”

As for the stunning, Darren Craig-directed visual? “For the video, we wanted most of all to establish the mood and vibe of the song and what’s to come,” LP explains. “I’m rambling toward town, on a horse, and only I know where I’m going, but I want you to come along.” Fall in love with Laura’s latest below.

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