Dove Cameron Returns With Catchy “We Belong”

Mike Wass | December 8, 2020 9:00 am
Dove Cameron's 'Remember Me'
The rising pop star relaunches for 2020 with 'Remember Me' featuring BIA.

EDIT: The post has been updated with Dove’s glamorous “We Belong” visual. Check it out below.

Dove Cameron’s long-awaited debut album takes shape with an alt-leaning, instantly-hummable tune called “We Belong.” Produced by Jesse Shatkin, the 24-year-old’s latest is about the rush of finding your person. “Missing you miles away, said I need space,” she sings in the opening verse, “but I don’t need space, I need you to come to me.” Dove lays it on the line on the chorus. “We belong together and you know it,” The Descendants star coos. “Wine stained teeth and bloodshot eyes, think we’re both fucked up and that’s alright.”

“We Belong” is the latest in a series of good singles from Dove. She dipped her toe in the water with a pair of very different singles — “Bloodshot” and “Waste” — and then showed a softer side on “So Good.” To keep things interesting, the budding pop star rolled out a rock song called “Out Of Touch” and then teamed up with female rapper BIA for “Remember Me.” It’s never easy to find your sound when you’re just getting started, but Dove just might have done it with “We Belong.” Listen to the bop below.

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