Another Bop! Ava Max Drops “Who’s Laughing Now”

Mike Wass | July 30, 2020 1:53 pm
Ava Max Unveils 'Heaven & Hell'
Breakout pop star Ava Max announces her debut album, 'Heaven & Hell.'

Ava Max was originally going to release “Who’s Laughing Now” in early June, but the banger got postponed due to the non-stop chaos of 2020. Happily, it was well worth the wait. Produced by Lotus IV and Cirkut, “Who’s Laughing Now” is essentially a revenge anthem. “So lonely in your bed, does breaking me make you feel good?” the 26-year-old ponders on the pre-chorus. “Guess you don’t understand, what goes around, comes around.” By the time we reach the sing-along chorus, karma is already doing its thing.

“Don’t ya know that I’m stronger, don’t ya see me in all black, don’t ya cry like a baby,” Ava chastises over bouncy beats. “Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha — who’s laughing now?” At this point, the “Sweet But Psycho” hitmaker is regarded as something of a visual artist and she delivers with yet another glossy, choreography-filled video that evokes the glory days of the late ’00s when labels coughed up more than an iPhone and a tray of Subway sandwiches to film a clip. Watch “Who’s Laughing Now,” the latest single from Heaven & Hell (due September 18), below.

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