Bastille Returns With “WHAT YOU GONNA DO???” Featuring Graham Coxon

Mike Wass | July 30, 2020 3:14 pm
Marshmello & Bastille's 'Happier' Video
Marshmello's latest banger gets a tear-jerking video starring Miranda Cosgrove.

Yep, I guess we’re about due for something new from Bastille. The UK indie-pop/rock band returns today (July 30) with a rollicking anthem called “WHAT YOU GONNA DO???” Featuring Blur legend Graham Coxon, the track is essentially a commentary on modern living. “Sally’s in the outside, got a screen to hide behind,” Dan Smith sings in a telling verse. “She says she’s happy on the inside and got a lot of friends online.” Bastille isn’t so much criticizing social media as wondering how it can be put to better use.

“Shake, rattle and roll — you got control, got my attention,” Dan howls on the pre-chorus. “Make me tap and scroll — you got control, got my attention.” The band then poses the million dollar question: “You got us listening, so what you gonna do with it?” Sadly, posting memes and selfies seems to be the (honest) answer. “WHAT YOU GONNA DO???” is heavier and angrier than the bleary-eyed, synth-dappled sound of previous singles, but surviving this year demands and a certain degree of fury. Watch the animated video below.

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