Amy Allen Reclaims “Difficult” On New Single

Mike Wass | July 31, 2020 2:02 pm
Amy Allen's 'Queen Of Silver Linings'
Songwriter Amy Allen drops her debut single 'Queen Of Silver Linings.'

Amy Allen launched her artist project at the beginning of July with a stripped-back single called “Queen Of Silver Linings.” The singer/songwriter, who has penned hits for Harry Styles, Halsey and Selena Gomez (“Adore You,” “Without Me” and “Back To You”) now ends the month with “Difficult.” Produced by The Monsters & Strangerz, this is a rollicking anthem with a ’90s twist. “Been drinking in the dark, I don’t know where I wanna go,” Amy begins the song. “I’d hold onto ur heart, but I’m too irresponsible.”

That takes us to the punchy chorus. “I wish that I could love you, I’m difficult,” she sings. “Don’t think I can trust you, I’m cynical.” What inspired the track? “As a woman, I’m often referred to as difficult,” Amy explains in the press release. “Difficult for advocating for myself. Difficult for wearing my ambition on my sleeve. Difficult for prioritizing my dreams. Every woman I know has had this term weaponized against her.” The breakout star then decided to reclaim the word.

“I wrote ‘Difficult’ after I realized this word which I used to take as an insult, is actually something I own. I’m proud to be difficult.” Watch the eerie visual, which was directed by Similar But Different, below.

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