Beyoncé’s ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ Soars On iTunes

Mike Wass | August 2, 2020 2:30 pm
Beyoncé's 'ALREADY' Video
Queen Bey rolls out a stunning visual for 'ALREADY' from 'Black Is King.'

Justice is being served! Beyoncé’s extraordinary The Lion King: The Gift has climbed to number three on US iTunes in the wake of Black Is King premiering on Disney+. Originally released in 2019 to accompany Disney’s big-screen remake, the project never received the love or attention it so richly deserved. After all, this is a lovingly-curated starting point for anyone interested in exploring the sounds of Africa — both past and present. And it’s equally accessible to pop fans. “ALREADY,” “FIND YOUR WAY BACK” and “MY POWER” are bangers, while “BIGGER” and “SPIRIT” rank as two of the superstar’s ballads.

The revival of The Lion King: The Gift caught the attention of Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles. She fired up her iconic Instagram account to share the news. “It is very interesting, I have had a lot of friends to ask me is that all music done for the movie? Nooooo!” Mama Tina mused. “The album is called ‘The Gift.’ The album has been out for a year! I have been in love with this album from the first time I heard it! I felt it was so genius but was totally underrated! When it came out I felt like there was hardly any marketing or promotion done because it came out with the movie.”

“It made me so sad because the songs are so beautiful,” the mastermind behind some of Destiny’s Child’s most glamorous costumes and hairstyles continued. “The beats on the whole album are so infectious that it makes you move involuntarily whether you want to or not.” Tina then emphasized the involvement of African artists. “[Bey] collaborated with African producers, writers, singers.” Her final word? “It celebrates Blackness and the human spirit and resilience that lives in all of us all as people no matter what color we are.” Download The Lion King: The Gift here and stream the opus below.

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