New Find: Nessa Barrett Debuts With “Pain”

Mike Wass | August 3, 2020 1:33 pm
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Making the leap from social media sensation to pop star is never easy, but Nessa Barrett is off to a promising start with “Pain.” The 17-year-old, who has millions of followers across TikTok and Instagram, moved to Los Angeles this year to pursue a career in music and soon inked a deal with Warner Records. Her debut single arrived on Friday (July 31) and it’s a stripped-back affair about the emotional fallout that follows a breakup. “You took away my heart and told me we were different,” the talented teenager begins the ballad.

“You left me in the morning, softly without warning,” she sings over Leo Mellace’s bare-bones production. “How was I supposed to know?” Nessa continues to sort through her emotions on the raw and relatable chorus. “I’m trying, give me a reason to let you go,” the New Jersey native pleads. “‘Cause right now, I can’t — I’m in pain.” It will be interesting to see if “Pain” is representative of Nessa’s sound or just a striking calling card. Watch the stylish, dimly-lit visual below.

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