JoJo Announces “Lonely Hearts” Remix With Demi Lovato

Mike Wass | August 5, 2020 5:32 pm
Album Review: JoJo's 'Good To Know'
We review JoJo's soulful, raw and brutally honest 'Good To Know' LP.

JoJo is rolling out the deluxe edition of good to know on August 28 and it’s jam-packed with surprises. For starters, there are five new songs and two new features. While one of those is still under wraps, the 29-year-old announced “Lonely Hearts” featuring Demi Lovato on social media this afternoon. “I can’t wait for you to hear her on this,” she captioned the cover art. “You’re a real one [babe].” Demi didn’t take long to fire off a reply: “YAYYYY I CAN’T WAIT,” the hitmaker wrote. “I’ve waited my whole career to sing with you.”

One of the highlights of good to know, “Lonely Hearts” is essentially about working on yourself before moving forward in a relationship. “How can I work on me if I’m working on your body? I thought we were meant to be, but we never really got it, did we?” JoJo ponders on the soulful chorus. “I know one thing, lonely hearts won’t break.” I can’t wait to hear what Demi brings to the table. In the meantime, get ready for “What U Need” — one of the five new songs from the deluxe edition. It drops as the album’s next single on August 7.

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