Mimi Webb Soars On “I’ll Break My Heart Again”

Mike Wass | August 7, 2020 2:00 pm

TikTok has broken more acts in 2020 than any label. 19-year-old Mimi Webb burst on to the scene earlier this year when “Before I Go” went viral on the app. The Brit now follows it up with another power ballad called “I’ll Break My Heart Again,” which showcases her powerful pipes. “You only know what you lost when you try and replace it, trying to take a quick fix ’cause you can’t take the pain in,” she begins the song over gentle piano keys. “Every time I feel his hands on my skin, I wish it was you.”

Mimi really pulls the vocal trigger on the chorus. “If you change your mind and take me back for just one day, oh all we had,” the newcomer belts. “I’ll break my heart again.” What inspired the song? “Writing [it] came from a really vulnerable place of admitting the truth of where your heart belongs,” she tells Flaunt magazine. “You know it’s not right or good for you, but you can no longer convince yourself to stay away from the person you’re still in love with — even though you have something good going with another.” Watch the serene visual below.

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