LÉON Announces Sophomore LP ‘Apart,’ Drops “Chasing A Feeling”

Mike Wass | August 7, 2020 2:55 pm
LÉON's 'And It Breaks My Heart'
The Swedish pop star drops a crushing song called 'And It Breaks My Heart.'

While most of us have been eating our feelings and binging reality TV, LÉON has spent 2020 putting the finishing touches on her sophomore LP. Apart will be released on October 30 and contain previous singles “In A Stranger’s Arms” (my favorite), “Who You Lovin” and “And It Breaks My Heart.” The Swedish pop star celebrates the announcement by dropping another staggeringly great single called “Chasing A Feeling,” which is just as tortured as the songs that came before it — albeit with a faint whiff of hope.

“You used to drown out my crazy, just by the touch of your hand,” LÉON begins the song. “We used to stay up forever, just to make every moment last.” However, the initial rush is well and truly over by the time we reach the chorus. “Maybe we’ve been chasing a feeling, maybe it can be like before,” she belts on the chorus. “Would you tell me if it’s over? ‘Cause our bed is getting cold and I wonder if I’m better alone.” Why did the hitmaker decide to release the album in the middle of a global pandemic?

“I wanted to put out the album while I’m still feeling all the songs,” LÉON reveals. “I want to let them go, instead of holding on for too long. People still feel a big urge to create despite what’s going on in the world and people still want to listen to new music. In a way, I was forced to slow down and make these songs. That feeling of not having pressure and having time to write has been so helpful to me as an artist.” See the full tracklist below and listen to “Chasing A Feeling” at the bottom of the post.

LÉON’s Apart tracklist:

1. Head And Heart On Fire

2. And It Breaks My Heart

3. Crazy/Stupid

4. In A Stranger’s Arms

5. Chasing A Feeling

6. Falling Apart

7. Who You Lovin

8. Seventeen

9. Tell Me

10. Die For You

11. Apart

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